Micro-Blog Round Up: the one about interconnectivity

Hello out there!!  Lately I have been finding my writing mojo through micro-blogging on Instagram.  At this moment in my life I can pretty smoothly produce a couple short and I hope meaningful tidbits each week and now and then round them up here.  You can follow me on Instagram @fromtheplayyard by the way!

Pulling these together one theme I notice is interconnectivity.  In the first (oldest) post below it was as simple as an idea sparked from a Pinterest post, later a song learned from a visiting facilitator, an interaction with an artist’s exhibit and the sustaining of community connection through shared celebration.

The post about our bus adventure gets to the underbelly of this idea.  I think our ideas, our practices, ourselves are always connected to other people.  Sometimes that sense of connection might be hidden away, which is how I feel driving in my car through Southpark alongside all the other people driving their own cars.   When I use public transportation, walk or bike the city I have a more visceral understanding of my connection.  It’s a good feeling!  I think it’s the same with ideas, practices and identity; they are always connected to a history and geography of other people.

In the chemistry lesson post below I was reminded of this oneness on an atomic level.  Our physiological makeup at the micro is, according to Einstein and Bohm, part of a wave/particle energy field that connects all of us through the very fabric of our being to our world, the universe and one another!   This life is a shared experience, whether we are pinning someone else’s idea to our bulletin board or pinning our trust of children and other humans into the fabric of the universe.

Here we go!!

Cooking day plus folk song: ?Snake baked a hoe cake and set a frog to watch it. Frog went a dozing and lizard came and took it! Bring back my hoe cake you long tailed nannyio!? Thanks to our friend Sara for teaching us this quickly beloved song! Playing innocently with this small rebellion of name calling is not only cracking us all up but is an important way to toy with power. As children play they learn to modulate aggression in a safe space. We also hope they see the adults in their lives as not so serious and people who can be trusted to understand and talk openly about emotions and needs without judgement even if you called a name or stole somebody's cake for real. #whatsanannyio? #earlychildhoodliteracy #nvc #alc #glutenfreevegan

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